About Susan

Susan is professional dancer from San Francisco, California and is classically trained in Pilates (East Coast Classical/Romana influenced). She has a contemporary style that has a diversity and flow like dance, and enjoys teaching with a deliberate pace.

I asked my parents if I could start Ballet when I was 3. It was against the studio policy at the San Diego Ballet Company where I grew up, so I started on my 4th birthday. My (rigorous) training was under the direction of Jacqueline Hepner, Principal of the American Ballet Theatre, for many years. I continued on Scholarship with Stage 7 Dance Theater. I attended School of the Creative & Performing Arts in San Diego for basic education, which included dance instruction and performance, and lunchtime dancing with the break dancers (it was indeed kind of like that movie "Fame", but based in Southern California). Later I trained professionally with the Pennsylvania Ballet Theatre.

After so much dance all my life, I decided to quit Ballet to "do the responsible thing in America", which is having a non arts-related career. I received certification in Multimedia Studies and joined San Francisco's start up scene, branding global companies and small businesses. As my design career went on, I started suffering from back problems. I was craving more soul in my life and made dance a priority again.

I discovered Pilates while I sustained an injury during a performance season and it's been the "pot of gold at the end of the rainbow" ever since. My teacher training (Mat, Springboard) began in 2008 with Jill Harris at the Informed Body in San Francisco. I completed my Apparatus training with with Classical Masters Carol LeMaitre and Sharon Gallagher at the Pilates Education Lab in San Francisco/Mill Valley.

Susan takes a deliberate paced, athletic approach to her Pilates classes with an emphasis on flow & dynamic cueing. She believes just like dance, that Pilates is a practice.