“Susan is an excellent teacher. She tailors sessions on each particular students' needs. In my case, after long plane trip..24 hrs hips were so tight I had trouble walking. Susan cured it quickly. She also spent time giving me a routine at work at home. Having had extensive Pilates at home in the Hudson Valley, NY I feel incredibly lucky to have chanced on Susan.”
Martin K., Berlin, Germany / Hudson Valley NY, USA

“Susan is an attentive, hands-on guide to your body and its strength. *Just * past comfort level, and man, do you feel it after! (That's a GREAT thing, to be clear.)
She knows pilates equipment in and out and is quick-on-the-draw with alternative exercises. Her approach looks at the human with feelings and not just the mechanical body before her. I can only recommend Susan for one-on-one equipment sessions. I can not see you regretting working with her!”
- Susan L., Berlin, Germany

"I have done Pilates for almost a decade and Susan is the real deal.  Professional and fun, Susan's knowledge of Pilates and anatomy are second to none and it was such a good experience to have private sessions with her for over two years in San Francisco. Under her guidance, I was able to build strength and flexibility without ever risking injury. Again, the city of Berlin is fortunate to have her!"
Branko Maric, Old Greenwich, CT, USA

"Susan is a fantastic teacher who maintains a group of loyal students wherever she teachers. Her fun loving spirit creates a sense of community in her classes.  Her classes are challenging, but approachable for any ability, and cues are always easy to follow. She builds upon past lessons, so that students can learn increasingly complex movements. Any student will benefit from her classes by  improving athleticism and understanding of the movements they are performing. "
- Amy Baker, San Francisco, USA

"I had private pilates sessions and group sessions with Susan for almost a year until she moved to Berlin, Susan helped me get in shape and lose weight like no other trainer I've had. I owe being in better shape and having more strength and energy to Susan. Susan was always fun and supportive, her workout sessions were always full body and really gave me what I needed. I had other people compliment me on the change in my shape after I trained with Susan for about 3 months, I greatly appreciate the improvement in myself that I was able to manifest with Susan's help. Berlin has the best of everything, case in point they have Susan there, I hope to continue training with Susan again when I'm in Berlin next."
- Elizabeth Goldman, San Francisco, CA, USA

"Susan was my Pilates and dance instructor for the last four years in San Francisco, and is beyond missed. Having taken classes from teachers all over the city, she is one of my favorite Pilates instructors, as I prefer her approach of a class that is a combination of classical and contemporary exercises. Susan also brings warmth and humor to her classes, and you feel just the right amount of stretched out, relaxed, and challenged. It's always a pleasure to take a reformer class from an instructor who has a background in dance as Susan does, as I've noticed it is a different experience on the reformer."
- Betsy de la Garza, San Francisco, CA, USA


"Susan's warm demeanor and caring classes were the ideal setting for me to start a pilates practice for the first time after chronic back pain and a shoulder injury.  I've since tried out a dozen teachers and her classes were my favorite.  She is encouraging, clear, and articulate; her classes feel like fun, almost dance like and very grace-inducing.  She makes you feel comfortable at whatever level you're at, and gives a lot of individual and hands-on attention to boot.  Many teachers don't remember to discuss breath and the subtleties of posture while they take you through classical pilates moves, but Susan is articulate and thorough.  Highly recommended." 
-Airyka Rockefeller, San Francisco, CA, USA

"I received individual Pilates training with Susan from 2015 until she went to Germany in 2018. I always looked forward to my training with Susan. She was always upbeat and supportive and I always felt I had a complete workout. Susan is also very down to earth, good natured, and a good person.  She gets 5 stars out of 5 stars!"
Jim Kushner, San Francisco, CA, USA

"I trained with Susan from 2016 until she went to Germany in 2018. Susan was so positive and uplifting in her approach, I left every session with a smile, following a full body workout. Susan happily adjusted workouts to address any problems or pain that I  reported.  She is the very best in what she does."
- Bianca Kushner, San Francisco, CA, USA

"Susan is an amazing teacher. She is incredibly knowledgeable and can work with a wide range of abilities, as well as with injuries, to allow her students to get the most out of sessions. Her classes are always challenging and build core strength like nothing else. Susan is also kind and caring and funny and her classes are a joy to take."
- Nanda, San Francisco, CA, USA